Granite Slabs for Toronto Home Design

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Granite is a beautiful selection for countertops in either bathrooms or kitchens. Read on to learn some helpful tips to consider when selecting granite slabs for Toronto home design.
The clean, smooth look of a granite countertop can really bring all the elements of a room together and create an artistic focal point. When choosing granite slabs, Toronto buyers should think of it as choosing a piece of art. There are so many different types of slabs that share the same class, but each one is a work of art on its own. Even within the same slabs, the many different striations and crystal patterns that nature has created offer a unique design. No granite slab is the same as another, a characteristic which offers Toronto homeowners and designers an opportunity to create something amazing in their home décor.
Granite is an igneous rock that is granular in texture. It has extremely durable properties, making it perfect for use in construction. The natural beauty of granite is formed from heavy gasses which create pressure in the stone. This is what gives granite its unique appearance. While different types of granite are indigenous to specific areas of the world, no two slabs are the same.
When selecting different décor elements (such as paint, flooring or laminate countertops), samples are often collected from retailers or wholesalers in order for buyers to see how they will look at home. This process of selection does not apply to effectively selecting the colour or pattern of a granite countertop. Even within the same slab of stone, there are many different colours and patterns that, in a small sample, do not show the effect of the whole slab. Samples do not convey the dramatic effect that granite slabs can offer. There are some examples of granite slabs that, on a small sample, look pretty boring. However, that one small piece can be part of a far more striking slab that will add character and style to a bathroom or kitchen. No two stones are the same, and when it comes to selecting granite slabs, shoppers are encouraged to visit a showroom in order to view the full range of available slabs.
Seeing the slab in full will give buyers an idea of what the kitchen or bathroom will look like, and how the patterns will bring the room together. Fabricators will work with buyers to highlight where they want to make the cuts needed from the slab as well as what patterns should be laid out on a template. On larger pieces, for example, a typical L-shaped countertop, you will want to highlight the most striking pattern on the slab, as this will be a major focal point of the kitchen. As there will undoubtedly be striking differences between slabs, having the opportunity to pick out a specific slab is important to ensure customer satisfaction. For example, slabs within the "Green Butterfly” family can have large degree of variation, even though the overall pattern is consistent. Gold and white flecks in one slab can be completely absent in another; so, deciding solely on the merits of a sample can be misleading.
When selecting granite slabs, Toronto buyers should make every effort to see an entire slab before making a decision about purchasing, instead of relying on a small sample. These samples do not highlight the striking designs and variations in stone. Making a personal selection will add to the overall style of the countertop and bring the entire room together!